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paladin vd priest CA {HEAL}
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Default paladin vd priest CA {HEAL}

at 2009 Priest has abilty of healing with ca

full hp !

its was changed by 2010 with complains of tons players on 9 priests on the game.

as i c now paldin that is not caster can heal half of his hp ,
and priest that his mental exist is HEAL CANT TO BETTER.

for example preist can heal 3k maximum and ca cool down is 10 min !
and ca cool down is 6 min only


* iwant better ca for priest
make the ca shorter like paladin and more healing ca as it must be

not like


but more then 3k
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I do agree, priest CA was nerfed from a full heal when an exclusive self heal to a barely visible increase in the heal compared to the group heal.

A nerf I believe was in order, but this was OVERLY-nerfed; I strongly believe something should be done for a healing CA for a healing class.

I have been a priest for a very very long time, it is a very fun class, (2nd class for me), even though I do support this, I do not foresee myself returning to this class anytime in the near future, it just does not fit my current build needs at the present moment. I feel having had a long history as a 2nd priest, as well as gaining no current value from an improvement to their CA, I am a very very abled judge of the situation. ***Just make sure, if you do revamp it, not too much; healers are already OP'd, even w/o the new additions to the epic healing lines that were implemented not too long ago.

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Old 11-14-2012, 07:36 AM   #3
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I rerolled from priest class as it wasn't the best class for healing when all things were considered. If it changes to being the best heal class now I will have to invent a new word for sulk ranting.

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Old 11-18-2012, 04:35 AM   #4
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I am Paladin as second ability. 6 minutes CA cooldown. "Sacrifice - Gives a large portion of your health to your target friend" that mean 1/3 of paladin life transfer/goes to his target friend - he remained without that part of HP wich gave. No matter how little life has left him, paladin transfer anyway 1/3 of that little life by target friend. IDK if priest sacrifice a part of his HP to target friend but i think paladin CA must refill more quiclky. Also, as secondary, paladin can't revive target friend but angel ability can as secondary.

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Old 11-18-2012, 08:39 AM   #5
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Pally CA damage taken can be decreased by self pres and self reflect. With the huge boost to hit points recently and what we can expect as another when Epic Player health bonus kicks in the Pally ca will be clearing 10k on a common note. Angel CA is generally saved and most efficient when used after an ally has died giving them back half the hp. Figure the person to be revived in most cases is the tank. 6k+ heal and like the pally ca, as people boost those skills and the player bonus becomes active it is likely to see allies revived with 10k+ hp.

Priest ca does 7kish/3 to each party of the group, so as the matches wear on and these new skills are going in to effect the Priest ca falls behind. Being a class that only has a bonus to heals it falls behind its' angel counter part due to the most efficient heals being white, not green. So the healing ability is even as far as gems are concerned for priest/angels, the ca gives angels a slight lead in most circumstances, and then top it off with the angel having more dps to white gems.

Priests were OP at some point. but based on that point and where the game is now i would agree they need to be readdressed
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