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Question Paladin Help

So, i started to play this game, unfortunatly i can't afford paying ()

But I'd like some help on how to apply my stats...
Lvl: 2

Str: 103
Dex: 102
PSt: 104
Int: 103
Cnc: 103
MSt: 103
Agi: 102
Cnt: 102
Dur: 105
Pre: 102
Mre: 102
Red: 102

Melee: 3; Magic: 3; Defense (Active): 3; Recovery: 2; Class Enhancement: 1
Active(Passive): 4; Passive: 11; Rush: 1; Rollover Cap: 10
Slashing: 2; Critical Strike (Active): 0 ; Two Handed: 1 (not sure why i added here...)
Suiting (Active + Passive): 1
Sorcery (Active): 2; White: 1

That's all...
Could you give me some tip on how to improve me? Also I might be away till next week(dunno if this matters)

Oh.. btw, my friends got a mouse when they fought the first boss, but I didn't...


Edit: How can I / What do I need to: Hunt, Woodcut, forage, garden and mine (seems good ways to make moneh!!)
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As a Paladin, you have a couple options open to you. Most of us go with the Tank role. This means focusing on being able to take more damage than others around you. Here's how I set up Ehlmaris, a Tank Paladin:

Melee - Split stats between Str and Dex. No points into Pst. The reason for this has nothing to do with melee attacking, oddly enough. It focuses on combining these stats with Agi and the Parry/Block skills. Using these you can completely avoid being hit from time to time!
Magic - All stats into Mst. Since your main role is going to be keeping the enemy from attacking other members of your group, the only spells you need to cast on the target are taunts. You might think you will need some Cnc to make sure the taunts hit, but at level 20 you get access to the Aggravation skill, which reduces the enemy's ability to resist your taunt gems. Other gems you need are auras (no cnc or int needed) and heals (again, no cnc or int needed). Energy and Mana replenishing gems are important, too.
Defense: 2 into Agi (for block/parry) and 1 into Cnc. Make sure Cnc is always at least 105 + your level.
Recovery: Honestly my recovery is at 1, and I'm at 20. I think once I start levelling it I will put it all into Mre. This is because, since I have no stats going into Pst, I will be using lots of mana-based heals. I'll need to be able to recover that stuff quickly.

Now, that's stats. As for other skills...

Weaponry: Umm... level everything but Two Handed. As for Slashing/Piercing/Crushing, pick one (based on whichever items you get or which you feel are the best). Level 20+, you want Double Attack, NOT Dual Wield (you will be using shields), and a spec based on which weapon you feel will be best in the long run.
Archery: **** that noise.
Protection: Everything. It's all important. Level 20+, all but Dual Parry and Mirrored Blade.
Beast Mastery: Petmanship is all you really need. Extra trophies go to Predacity and Wound. Level 20+, Ferocity is pretty nice, too.

Life Magic: Sorcery, White and Green are critical. Level 20+, get Shared Bliss, Palisade, and depending on which types of heals you use (instant or recasting) get Healing or Eternity. If you use the grey auras, get Repel.
Death Magic: Not that important, but get Diabolism as you can.
Psych Magic: Mind Bending, Blue Magic. Wizardry needs to be 10 for the second gem pouch, which stays empty for escape gems. If you like the grey auras, go ahead and raise grey magic. Level 20+, get Replay and Aggravation.

Gems you should look for:
-Heals: Focus on heals that use mana. Also get some Mana and Energy restoring gems to keep your spellcasting abilities up throughout longer battles.
-DoT: Damage over Time gems can come in quite handy for longer fights! I highly suggest using them, especially the Poison gems.
-Auras: The white, blue and green auras are a lot of fun. They are the most versatile auras, in that their effects apply to melee, ranged and magic damage. I don't use the grey auras, since they only apply to magic.
-Taunts: These make the enemy target you in battle, which keeps the heat off of the weaker party members.

And that's how I built Ehl He may not be very high level, but I have a good reputation in the game as having more skills per level than anyone else, something I'm quite proud of.
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Oh, and Learning skills. Level them all equally. The order I generally follow is this:

-Advanced Learning
-Passive Advancement
-Active Advancement
-Group Acumen
-Rush of Knowledge
-Extended Study
-Rollover Cap (which I actually don't level anymore)

Resource gathering, right now I don't see as that profitable since the game is still young and the economy has not had time to stabilize itself.
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And since you cannot afford paying, you are better off just focusing on leveling, as Free-to-play players cannot trade unless the other person offers a time card.
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