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Stat Experience Overflow
Old 10-08-2009, 08:44 PM   #1
Rai x2
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Default Stat Experience Overflow

So, all my extra fun stat skills are at 75, I don't see the point in taking the penalty to raise those up anymore. So at 80, I'll get them to 89, and then what? I'd rather let that kill exp overflow into any skill Weaponry through BeastMastery.
Not the crafting skills and such, just the ones involved in killing...

So maybe like Active, Passive, and Overflow - if you choose to set an Overflow your stat exp gains go to the skills that you choose.

If you think about it, (on accell) it's only like getting 3-6 extra trophies a kill - but it would be better than wasting my exp on penalized stats that i dont care all the much for anyhow....

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Old 10-10-2009, 05:52 AM   #2
Crab Defiler
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i like it
FnKyM 4 Life <3

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Old 10-10-2009, 06:23 AM   #3
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thats a good idea i support
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Old 10-19-2009, 12:35 AM   #4
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agreed...although it'll be 6 months before i'm at 80...at least :P
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Old 10-19-2009, 04:56 AM   #5
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i strongly support
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Old 10-19-2009, 07:34 PM   #6
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love the idea.

support from me
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Old 10-20-2009, 01:02 PM   #7
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and rejected by jeff
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