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I agree with zenga on this
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Originally Posted by icomeBor View Post
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why hasnt glitchless done somthing about these morons yet?
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Originally Posted by bloodbaden View Post
The complaint of this thread is simply: Runes....
1. Why do runes have no resale value?
!. Because the market is flooded with them
2. because 90% of them are worthless and nobody will ever use them

Originally Posted by bloodbaden View Post
2. Why can RANK 2 runes be found in a LEVEL 0 area?
(see answer #2 above)

Originally Posted by bloodbaden View Post
3. Read below. :E

Runes make a big difference for me, i can take off Ironclad and see a noticable difference in duels, same with assurance while fighting blacks and quicksteel/swiftarrow is hard to beat, at the least they help negate sloth auras.

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Lol I found my first rune a few days ago and I was like sweet! Especially when I saw the store value (250,000) but then I saw how much I'd get for it if I sold it (0). And I was all =C

I can't expect to get 33% of the value or w/e it usually is for item sellback, but to be honest I would be happy with 5% of it's value ( 12,500 ) for selling it to the store.

Could you imagine the conversation between you and the shop keeper if you accidentally sold a rune to him?

You: Damn! I didn't mean to sell you that rune!
Him: Oh that sucks. Here's zero gold.
You: Uhh... thanks... could I just have it back?
Him: That will be 250,000 gold.
You: :C
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Jeff should make runes able to be sold in stores. Kinda like an Obama stimulus package to help the economy so i can buy moar tee ceees!
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I agree with Bloodbaden.

Right now, I'm lvl 10, but back when I was lvl 1, I found a beautiful and strange stone that had a 50000 next to it's "cost", and I was REALLY happy. I mean, how lucky could I be, to get such a trophie right out the start... Sadly, at the time I didn't know yet that the sell price was between the brackets and that for this particular item was a ZERO.

I ended up destroying the thing when I rerolled my char, as I got lvl 6 and was unhappy with it.

Anyway, I really hope Glitchless changes that soon, cause even 50 gold for that one could have been a really help back then at the beggining..

Good hunting.
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