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Beyond the Grave, Pilgrim Boss Loot, Browser Client Improvements
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Default Beyond the Grave, Pilgrim Boss Loot, Browser Client Improvements

Level 90 players now have a unique ability, Beyond the Grave, which allows them to continue to organize their inventory while dead.

Players will now receive one-time boss drops if they kill a boss while on pilgrimage. This prevents accidental lost loot and should not be exploitable.

Players will no longer get meaningless messages about double loot when on pilgrimage.

Fixed an issue with the browser client mousewheel scrolling the whole page instead of the sub portions of the client.

The browser will now dynamically adjust a partial millisecond frame timer offset in an attempt to more closely hit the target FPS.

Behind the scenes, we are currently in the middle of a client code overhaul which will hopefully make patching Nodiatis a far more streamlined process. With the addition of many new clients types supporting multiple devices, the process which was once quick and easy is now painfully slow. Much of development time since adding mobile support has unfortunately gone toward compatibility issues (for instance, the current iOS 13 problem which broke many existing apps, including Nodiatis), preventing us from doing what is most important: adding new content. With the planned overhaul, we'll be able to support the same devices without having to manage multiple client code bases or have to deal with near as many OS-related issues, in addition to providing full functionality to the default browser client. We hope to have this done by the end of the year, but our main priority will still remain the annual promised content patches found here: http://forums.nodiatis.com/forums/sh...ad.php?t=18912
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