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Tracking exploit with arena
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Default Tracking exploit with arena

It is entirely possible (if your task is appropriately located) to use arena to eliminate a large part of the map, saving you from walking around, etc.

For example (me, today). Took task in t2. First hint is West.
Enter arena Q and do nothing. Wait for Q to fire, and, while in arena, track. Hint is East.

I've eliminated a large part of the map without even needing to leave town.

Whilst this can be helpful or useless (if my initial clue had been East, arena clue would also have been East, but if that had been the case I wouldn't even have bothered with arena clue), it does give a large help at times.

How to stop exploit : Make it impossible to track whilst in arena fights, or on arena square
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can do the same with recalls? if u smart... starting in faar also eliminates most of the north section
set recall in moss, eliminates half east, use arena for west...

Broke 4k pet crit :O Buff BM nao!
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took you 6 years to discover what I thought was common knowledge after having been reported several times in past. mostly from people complaining they clicked tracking as arena hit and wasted clue.

depending on queue speed walking west can be faster irl time than waiting for queue. and if you walk (unless you're an idiot starting in fa'ar so you have to kill level 90+ mobs) you'll waste just a few minutes of rrt on greys. who cares~ then like dl said. recalls. if my recall is ever in direction of hint i'll do that directly.

it takes 5051 quests for 100 epic hp. using a few little tricks is fine. real exploit is that idiots got a map that tell them exactly where to go and what areas are eliminated.
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