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Originally Posted by Blaze View Post
63 time cards @ 1.9m per... 119.7mil.

Stated before the result.

After it ended and a few months went by with 0 unpaid changed to "All bets will be paid back within 1 year" in civil.

6 Months in when 0 bets have been paid.. people were starting to get impatient

After 9 months "I'll probably bliss around Christmas to pay it all back"

Now 11.5 months later. Still 0/63 time cards paid back.

Daer. Things like Nodtools were nice contributions to nod. So honestly thanks for them.

You've honestly lost most of my respect though. Constantly changing when you'll pay.. doing things like getting legendary Cows instead of paying (though for whatever reason someone else paid DTM back a chunk of it for you so he isn't calling you a scammer).. Threatening to not pay if people bother you after 6 months of waiting...

You've just reach the level of a scammer in my book. You didn't have much issue collecting from the people who bet when you won (4 never paid. total of 220k and a tc. they all no longer play. makes up for qratos and milfhunter who you never paid a total of 4 tcs to on 2nd superbowl bet. they both no longer play so we'll call it a push).

Envyops out of current bets no longer plays so can even take those 2 off the list and say you owe 61 tcs.

It's also been noted you haven't even logged in weeks. Really seems you just view this as a way to make fast money. Since you lost you just avoid playing. "oh i'm busy with nodtools" "oh i'm busy with work" "oh i'm busy with D&D". Hopefully if you ever hold another gambling competition people aren't stupid enough to trust you.

Actually (don't say a ****ing word) I've been really busy with work and haven't been playing any games for the last several weeks, as numerous friends who I normally game with can attest.

**** happened irl. Sorry. Real life expenses and time-consuming things took priority, and I've had to prioritize those things over Nod debts. Not that it's particularly your business, but this week I finished paying the final big irl debt I had from a couple of layoffs, so this weekend I'll be starting to pay Nod debts with cash, starting with the smaller ones (sorry dorky) and working my way up.

Hope that explains why it's taken so long, and everyone will be paid. I'll make best efforts to contact the people who no longer play as well and try to get them on to make sure they at least get their TCs in case they start playing again.

But Blaze...scammer? I logged into the forums to see how much I owed to whom so I could make an initial bliss, and I must say...scammer? I'm an *******, I'm arrogant, I've taken a long time now and in the past to pay debts, but I have never and will never scam anyone. I'm easily accessible via email (daeronryuujin@gmail.com) or nodtools.net or social media if you have me on Facebook, so I'm not exactly hiding from anyone, and the fact I had neither the time nor the money to pay those debts doesn't mean I'm scamming anyone, nor would I destroy my ties with the community I love by doing so, you little ****.

Anyhow, to those who are owed, rest easy! First few will be this weekend and the rest over the coming weeks.
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