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Death Match s2
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Default Death Match s2

Ghaloen, since you keep dodging me in the arena I call you out to a Death Match. It is all but impossible for one build to beat all others at this stage in the game. Umbra, Beorn aka Thoern, Bambam and Ali are all sore losers that banded together in KCNO to try and beat me. Then, you try to get me to blame myself for this action by saying what a terrible person I am.

Unable to beat me straight up you guys come up with one build that is an anti Blackrider (Umbras Build) build. It can't beat Ghaloen, but you guys q it when Black is in and take Ghal out and other toons out. You take advantage of the low numbers on s2 and manipulate the q. You all have tried to beat me by depriving me of runes, depriving me of mats and and depriving me of crafting. Now through ex-stream account shearing and q manipulation it finally looks like you will beat me.

Ghaloen, as first place player in the arena on s2 surely you should beat the 4th place player in a Death Match ? That is if you deserver your first place spot. If you fight Blackrider in a death match with your current build I will kill you and finish the death match in full HP.

Am sure I will get a tirade of responses from the sure lossier camp. But there is only one response that will that will prove you are not a punk, Death Match me!

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