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There are loads and loads of untried combinations. Lots of the teams just do each arena with the same people as before and try to only modify what they have been doing previously rather than enact any kind of radical build change or even a team change. Sometimes if a new strategy is not working its not cos the strategy itself is wrong but the details need tweaking. It's just a balance of how much a team does damage, prevents damage, directs where they do damage, directs where they take damage, repairs damage, and directs where they repair damage. Heal and regen are only ways to repair damage, one in a way that you can re direct the repair, the other you cannot. Th amount you can repair does not increase with multiplier but the amount you do does. Some currently under used procs scale with arena bonus. Lots of things still to try if you think of what a team can do rather than what an individual can do.

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Originally Posted by >.> View Post

HP regen is still OP and in many cases it is carrying teams to the top via either 1 toon utilizing super regen or all 3 utilizing it to a lesser degree. I will break down the top 50 so you can see.

#1 and 2 have no regen (hp) based players but they do have pre/mre based healer (probably the best 2 in the game, I know naut has the best healer classes possible and earlier today thorin has me ticking over 6.1k per tick without a heal staff or heal primary class).
#3 Killda
#4 Hoodrat
#5 Freakymagic and Abbott
#6 Brookeland and Mircicutza
#7 Falcon (some regen might have more for tanking) Grumbly was a regen based slasher until recently where he switched to healer.
#8 Cyress and Merrick (Nemk might try it since she is pilgrimming again)
#9 Mircibeast
#10 Condece (switched to regen because it outdid pure tanking stats) and Moltar
#11 Vezemir and Kingzs
#12 Flippy and Nemesiss
#13 ...lol The likely poster child for regen. Usaeagle (can solo many teams up until ~7min without taking any damage and doing very little to any team with a tank before that), Indianchief, Thepirate.
#14 Tale and Andyrogan
#15 Hellvet, Tartz, LegendaryEvil
#16 Nesbit and Slashh
#17 Jadefangs might qualify for it but I have never seen him use a sacri gem
#18 (I think this team has disbanded but....) Adino
#19 Formidable
#20 Masterpetfly
#21 Westicek, Cafco, Ciciacik
#22 Deranged and Kingdick
#23 Rockhoun some I think Desolace is partial healer to compensate for it
#24 Smuckers
#25 Jacenty
#26 :O no regen maybe
#27 Hustlerking and Shadowhock
#28 Froth + healer
#29 Raztazur to a point
#30 Annunaki and Locurasbeach to a point They just arena constantly
#31 Shadowspirit and AuraEffect
#32 Liten and Matrik
#33 Klippi and Milkchan
#34 Hirumaxx
#35 Deveneu, Serafino, Retouche
#36 Redneck (not carrying the team but also lacks the funds to abuse it)
#37 Devil, RavenShadow, Majorbloodstone
#38 Jakopa again not carrying the team but it is a team of 3 archers with shields and a partial healer
#39 Some regen on Pearleyes and Pearllife but probably not enough to make a difference in the long run.
#40 Enkei, Tahuti, Semperfidelis
#41 Not much if any regen here :O
#42 Couldn't contact Redrain but it looks like no regen used here :O
#43 Not much if any regen here :O
#44 Hellokitty
#45 Not much if any regen here :O
#46 Ugo
#47 Bubbahans uses some to a point
#48 Asleepycheezit and Brain
#49 Daer and Robindahood
#50 Iesuss and Iesuss

So if you look at that only 5-7 teams lack a regener on the team. Having a tank with regen outclasses a team with a tank and a healer due to the fact that regen combines 2 characters (healer and tank) into 1 so they can use the spot that would be filled with a healer for another dps while the tank just taunts and soaks up the damage. With regen spread out over the team they can cross taunt, or just have a higher resistance to AoE damage since they all have marginal regeneration.

Bottom line if you want to be in the top 50, by the looks of the list I just did, you need regen of some sort which should in itself scream that it needs to be looked at again.

EDIT: Yes I know that this is odd coming from someone who does not use regen but I know how I could and still be an effective tank that would be just as good, if not better than the one i am now. I just have had no reason to do it with thorin healing me like he does.
Omg I am in this post!!!! I'm a bad example though. With massive regen, good regen skills, and sacrigenesis, I still have horrible in combat regen because I don't have timmehs. I get flattened in teh arenaz
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...just a fading, memory...

What was, was, and what will be, has yet to happen....

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...just a fading, memory...

What was, was, and what will be, has yet to happen....

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My post was not to whine for HP regen being OP. It was to show that because of the buffs to regen (euphoric, the earthfusion gear, timmy, regen rune, skills, the no fail gem) that almost any toon can throw 400 regen into its build and instantly become much better than if it were to go into defense or dps. As a result of this quick n easy way to become pseudo-strong they have no need to explore other varieties. They go with the tried and true methods which atm is what regen is.

If glitch wants more variety in builds then he needs to take a look at what 95% of the top 50 are using and see if it needs to be reevaluated. Yeah it will piss some people off but it will make them explore other builds and team combos to see what works.

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...just a fading, memory...

What was, was, and what will be, has yet to happen....

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Armies of people rerolled to BM (and are still doing) after worgen skill appeared and LG pets became craftable. Earlier than that, DoT casting suddenly changed to an OP pvp build after a few "not very well thought" new DoT skills. If re-evaluation is called for, there are many things in this game to reconsider, it's not just regen.

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