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Spirits. Resource sink.
Old 05-25-2013, 05:11 AM   #1
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Default Spirits. Resource sink.

As you can see before server reset there are really big amount of certain t30 resources in ah. For example, 100+ t30 wood, 200+ t30 sinews. Apparently over time these amounts only grow since people continue training endure, tracking or whatever. Suggest introduce new items to take off the resource surplus. Under Brewing skill description there are such words: "Some are also studying to one day master the art of creating spirits". Let's make them true. Lets introduce spirits of stats which require high amount of t30 resources to be made. Every type of spirit permanently adds one stat point and is made from t30 resources of corresponding type. For example, spirit of +1 agility requires 16 t30 sinews. But spirit of +1 dex requires only 4 t30 leathers, since each t30 leather requires 4 other t30 resources to be made (2 t30 veggies and 2 t30 skins). Similarly 5 planks are needed for +1 dur spirit and so on.. Number of t30 required to create one spirit is subject of balance.
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I would defiantly support some kind of resource sink, I've watched the wood/plank market completely crash in the past few months due to there being too many.
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Any permanent increase to stats is a very bad idea. I like the idea of mitigating the crashing resource market a little bit but permanent increases is a terrible idea. It will rapidly get blown out of proportion by the highest end players. Not sure what the answer WOULD be but it is not permanent stat enhances.
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