Big Game Trophy Exp
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Default Big Game Trophy Exp

Suggesting increase experience value of trophies for 80+ mobs. Currently high lvl mobs produce way too big amount of trophy stacks even from 3 hours of RRT you gain every day. So instead increasing trophy exp by 150 from lvl to lvl, increase it by 2000 or so for 80+ mobs.

New trophy exps my look as:
80 mob - 9800 (not changed)
81 mob - 11800
82 mob - 13800
83 mob - 15800
90 mob - 29800
91 mob - 31800

With this change Goblin Swamp and higher mobs will produce about 3 times less stacks. Also it will speed up trophy sacrificing as well.
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Would be tempted to see the big game trophy skill implemented to give the player that has it a bonus to trophy experience instead of more trophies. This would help fix the trophy market and help with the massive encumberance problem without making high level players actually receive less experience. Might cost em a little bit of trophy gold if they are sellers though. Then again, with trophies and supply and demand... a few less trophies might restore prices to where they used to be instead of the 2g/k for spirits I've seen several times the last few weeks.
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