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Nodiatis Great Game Improvements
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Default Nodiatis Great Game Improvements


I've seen it first hand down in lower lvls and new players quiting to this game that it needs improvements. But, not everyone comes from the view of upgrades and a bunch of $$. Players need a ligitimate time frame. You have to be able to cap successfully within 6 months. There should also be a great game story line, with multiple side quests and fun and gold and surplus. Not a cheap seer. Or cheap chests that go up weakly in gold. The game needs a ridiculous amount of surplus so that with growing players, it won't be so difficult and take so much time. It isn't just a solo run with alts feeding a toon or or, this is to support friends, clans, other players, newbies, and to be overabundant. being much funner than any other game. This isn't olympic training. nor is this the best game in graphics or anything stupid. you need to support players in a way that they shine their glory in surplus, not struggle for a time over months and months. Nodiats is a great game, and the frames and ratios should be more than a %1 bs. I know many players have different opinions, but they are the ones willing to pay and are stubborn in the wrong kind of way. Idea is to support great character development, and great fun game that a poor kid can play in a poor part in india before a civil war breaks out. not an ok, i've spent this amount of money and time into this game. (extreme sry lol, but the timeframe includes too many real life issues to where a player can't stick with it. it should not have a hold into a me lawn mowing my mothers yard at all.) You're just appealing to far older people. Nodiatis isn't just another rpg.

thanks for all your time,


p.s. and for kicks, nodiatis needs a casino somewhere and a strip club in fenelia. the kind that adds alot and a bigger chance of gold. it be a great way to improve the game and spread gold everywhere thx.

ohh, and adding something new like killgore said, would be great too, but i'm only reaching into my second and third month of playing so i'm pretty happy venturing into v2 discovering new places. just shouldn't take anywhere near a year

*will edit*

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After 3 years of off and on play, I've found it has grown rather bland. The only reason I keep playing is that I have put a lot work, time, and money into this game. Granted not as much as others, but still. I think players new and old could use a change.

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