Book of Masters
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Talking Book of Masters

Can we get a New Section (window) to open that has just the Master of items that we can ~ acquire, (buy), or make - LG items only of course - . Because when asked in civil if "someone has a Master of..." a item, we need to search all items we have to see if we do have it or not.

And now with a purchase and you have a failed gift attempt, it'd be nice to have it placed in your inventory when one doesn't fail.

I know it's a easy button to ask for, but if the new window section had the available spots of all the lg spots to be filled, it may be a fun way to fill that window up with all the possible lg masters that happen to be in that section, say archery stuff, piercer things crusher things ... etc.
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Just make a seperate tab for masters, as opposed to the category of the item itself. That way people can navigate masters, and be able to look at the actual items differently.

I don't expect to see a change to how carrying masters works in itself, as people will probably say " Bliss and buy inventory/storage expanders if you want to hold more, or make alts

But a small tweak to the auction house may be good. Dunno, it's been years since it's been touched/ updated, hasn't it?
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been asking for a master book for years now. i have almost 8 rows (~120) of master plans. LG and epic and a few rares and uncommons as well. Its not an easy button and yes i have spent tcs on expanders. having something to hold them all isnt asking for an easy button or anything imho. Its a quality of life thing.
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