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Default Arena Guide

I searched, and could not find one, so I am assuming no one has made one yet, so... I'll do my best

Getting Started

1. To start an arena team you need to be level 20 ( to purchase; no level restriction to join a team) and 25k gold. You right-click, select "Arena Admin Options >>", "Form Arena Team".

2. Next, you need two others in your team to participate in arena. Once you have found them, invite them to team by right-clicking on their face and selecting Arena Admin options again.

3. To enter the queue, the 3 arena teamates need to be grouped, but can be at separate locations. The team leader right-clicks and selects Arena Admin Options, Enter Queue.

THE Basics

1. You may select certain equipment sets, and gem pouches for all PvP combat by right-clicking on said pouch/equip. set and selecting "Set As PvP".
*** Be forewarned... you may switch these sets to another existing set, but cannot de-select a set/pouch as a PvP set***

2. As you enter the queue, nothing immediate happens. After a random period of time (few mins usually) you are whisked away to Arena Isle, where Arena is performed.
*** when in the queue for over 5 mins, or if you have been in an arena fight in the past 5 mins, you recieve bonuses to gold, trophies, and resources; It is smart to farm and do arena at the same time for this reason***

3. When you are magically transported to arena, there is a 10 second count down timer, you may (wisely) use this time to inspect the local panel for your opponents, and inspect them, deciding on who to target, who will be tough, etc. etc. etc.

4. As Arena fight begins, as with any group PvP battle, your already targeted on center opponent, and your friendly target is default set as yourself, to change this simply click on someone else. As first enemy dies, you will idle unless you click on a new enemy target.

5. For losses you recieve 1 token, and wins, you begin at 3 tokens, but can work your way up to more at higher team rankings.
***If you have accumulated all the Virtues, you recieve double tokens for wins***

6. At the end of the fight, you are transported back to where you were before you began. If you were in the middle of a mob fight, your rt/rrt has been refunded, and if in the middle of looting when arena began, your loot is now in your inventory.


1. Most teams usually pick on the strongest hitting opponent first, to cut the opposing teams DPS. For mid/higher levels these are casters.

2. Vice-Versa, if the strongest attacker is also the strongest defensively, a team might pick off the 2 weaker players first quickly, to cut the DPS.

3. It is always a wise move to target shield users 2nd or 3rd, after their testudo runs its course naturally, so as not to waste your teams damage.

4. The exception to these rules is if the high defensive player, lets say in this case using a shield, is known to taunt incessantly, the team might decide to take him out first, because they will end up targeting him soon anyways...

5. It is smart to take out 2h'ers last, after his teamates have bit the dust and cannot help to heal him/her.

6. Casters want to immediately take out the opponent using magic resistant auras, if only one, that way they are resisted less once that player has bit the dust.

Same goes for whip users when facing opponents w/ low level rabid auras.

7. Bow users are another big threat PvP...for many reasons:
a. they can also use a shield
b. they can use whips to enhance pets
c. like casters, they can attack all enemies at once
d. they have relatively high DPS

for these reasons they may be your first or second target.

These are just a few tips/tricks/info on how to get arena started and what one might do... HAVE FUN!!!

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Originally Posted by RogueTigeR View Post

5. For losses you recieve 1 token, and wins, you begin at 3 tokens, but can work your way up to more at higher team rankings.
***If you have accumulated all the Virtues, you recieve double tokens for wins***
You can get more tokens than 3 for a win??
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Once I passed a team rating of 500, I started getting 4 tokens per win
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Excellent guide Rogue. My issue is that yesterday i was in arena all day and never received any rt while being pulled from regular mob comabts. Help!
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Thanks RougeT. Great guide. Would you be willing to add something about losing tokens as I'm not clear on this aspect. It's my general understanding that we're in a "season" and at some point in time we'll lose any tokens we have accumulated but not yet used to temper items. Rumored to be in August sometime.

Or if someone could point me to where this is already in the forums I'd appreciate that as well.


Edit/Update: to the people that pm'd me in game asking if I found out more about this, the thread you want to read is: Length of arena seasons

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thanks rogue.... this explains why my screen goes almost completely red during arena... =( i r teh weak caster! don't target me! =D
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