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I figure when these silly questions are answered, it may help others becuase I can't seem to find any consolidated info. I'm searching thru threads.

Q1 : Are their any lists of specific suiting qearedtowards angels, or do we all basically wear the same clothes and run around as triplets in rabit or hell armor? SUGGESTION: one or two ITEMS Class level based not suiting based would give the myrid character faces a little more individual look.

Q2: Is there any place a newb like me can calculate stats from melee/defe/mag lvl and the weapon and the lvl points in str./agi/ etc? Like effects of lowereing STAM regen versus magic points I placed. Its pretty scientific and I did get A+ 2 years in a row in physics but this takes a little fun out of searching for treasure and kills. Something easy? LOL I was a teacher in computers long ago and one thing i was asked to do was teach as if I was new, not with familiarity of 10 ears. Terms go out the window. You know to press ENTER key but some don't know that yet.

Q3: some terms are new to me, like DD DW and DoT? Sorry peeps, makes you want to PK me (learned that 3 days ago), and what is botting??

Q4: ANgel leveling guide as one gets towards lvl 20, with new skills. i CHECK WIKIA BUT NOTHING SUBSTATNTIAL.

Q5: FOR JEFF, I made a suggestion about clans compared to other online games and didnt get a negative or positve. Just curious.

Thanks Nods

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Right, a few abbreviations simplified, first :

DD - Direct Damage gems (the ones that do a fixed (e.g 3) OR a fixed range of damage, (1-23)
DoT - Damage over Time gems, these do x damage over y seconds.
DW - Dual Wield, a level 20 skill. Useless for staff or bow users, the biggest improvement in damage dealing for most others
DA - Double Attack, another level 20 skill. Very good for ALL melee users, useless for the archer-types

PvP - player versus player
PvE - player versus environment (creatures)

Botting is done by (some) very high level people. Basically they are not at the computer, playing, but they have an automated process playing the game for them. Totally forbidden, if you get caught you lose your character (all paid upgrades, the lot)

Detailed build guides, I will leave to more experienced people then myself, especially where casters are concerned. However, at level 20 you should probably (if using a staff) have :
melee 20 (mix of STR and PST),
magic 35-ish (mix of CNC, INT (for DD gems) and MST
defence 20+ (spread the stats out, unless you are building for PvP). If PvP, go all DUR
Recovery - this is an 'optional' stat. Lots of people never level recovery. I have it at 18 (at level 40) Up to you

Suiting, etc. Armour is not particularly designed for any class. Some armour gives better AC, but has less room for customising your stats with enchantments. Others give worse AC, but more enchanting room. My personal opinion is to wear armour with the best AC possible, and enchant as you can.

Weapons - you can be an angel with a bow, or a sword, or a staff, or any weapon (even a whip). Some weapons are better suited to classes, some give bonuses (for staffs, you use a lot less mana and energy, when gem-casting)
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