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Default potion buff

Rank 15 Potion of Blessings: This potion causes you to heal yourself for 30 over 5 seconds when striking an enemy with a weapon.

Rank 15 Potion of Flames: This potion causes you to deal 23 flashburn damage when striking an enemy with a weapon.

Rank 15 Potion of Envenomation: This potion causes you to deal 24 poison damage over 6 seconds when striking an enemy with a weapon.

now I understand these are old potions from what back when. but now when a weak toon can casually hit for 2k. let alone a strong one.

these potions are just so low. is there any chance they could see maybe a secondary effect, or be buffed in some way that makes them actually viable. rather than being trash that people literally dismantle so they can sell resins to store because potions that cost 700k to craft are only worth the 4k in resins you get.
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A second look at pots could be beneficial for the community as a whole, not any specific build.

omg i wanna sammich nao
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