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Pve Tempers please
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I'm not quite certain if Glitch ever touched up on the possibility of developing such an items or functions for the game but I feel the following would massively assist the current player-base for Nod;
  • A way to filter the auction house.
    I find it hard at times to search for items specifically of certain color/lv/ master/tp/item and I feel being able to filter for such would greatly improve the player's experience. This could be potentially only for Prem, or perhaps a paid upgrade.
  • A Recipe Book for each item type.
    I suggest this to be either an LG tool, or a paid upgrade, or a random drop from prize boxes. the premise is that it would hold specific types of Recipes. as a potential prize from tc boxes i feel this would also be great incentive to increase TC sells.
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My choices organized by how important they are:
-New Mid Level Zones (x1.0) !!!!!!!!!!!!
-Rune Vault Niceties (x1.0)
-4 more LG classes(x1.0)
-Continuation of the Princess Storyline (x1.0)
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