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Lost item while Un-Sbing
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Default Lost item while Un-Sbing

Hello Glitchless,
Today I tryed to un-sb my lg 1h Demon eye hammer crusher to sell it on the AH.
I sold it in Ustenar magic shop.
Not even 1 second after selling it to shop I clicked it and drag it into my inventory and this is what it said to me:
''That item not found in selected store slot, refreshing store data...''

And the item wasn't there anymore.

Anything that can be done please? That's a massive loss for me and I'm not sure if its really fair. I've seen people having their lg refounded for situation that were kinda similar to this so I'm asking.
This happened on my alt ''mamic''.

Thanks for a reply.
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We've looked into this and found that your records match the report, and also that it is possible, unfortunately, for someone to overwrite an LG item that is recently sold if the store is full and they are also selling. This can be avoided easily enough by only selling to near empty stores, but then you still run the risk of someone poaching your item.

We have allowed you to repurchase the item at store cost, and we will be coming out with a way to avoid this scenario for others shortly.
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Good move glitch
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