Clan idea
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Default Clan idea

So i been thinking, why not use the rankings of a clan for some use? we got


My idea is simple. All these 6 can use runes and pay tax/donate rp, but Initiate and Civilian cant clan battle/be forced to a clan battle.

This would make more clans willing to align and less people crying that they get clan battled and rage at the player who only plays the game. And i think more clan battles would happen cause those who is soldier + wont mind/ wants the clan battle to happen.

And another idea (i think it has been mentioned before) make it so u can add different tax depending on ranks.

Master + Officer tax 1 can clan battle
Veteran + Soldier tax 2 can clan battle
Civilian + Initiate tax 3 cant clan battle

This idea is to encourage some higher lvl clans to take in lower lvls/weaker toons to their clan

And the first idea could also add to an future idea of a clan battle competition or something. =)
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it also will kill neutral clans as there will no longer be a purpose to be neutral.
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* waits for further information about Seigecraft *

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Why have Glitch designate roles (other than master) to begin with? Shouldn't the master of each clan be the one (or group of people) who designate role names and features?

I propose that masters should be able to name roles/ranks, designate tax to each, designate war features to each, designate invite/kick/promote/demote permissions, and add the ability to squelch toons (as glitch does from time to time in chat channels).

This would open the possibilities to include a "dunce" role where tax is 50% and the person can't talk, for people making an ass out of themselves in clan chat. This would be temporary, of course. >
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