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Free accnt trading gold for TC's.
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Question Free accnt trading gold for TC's.

I'm so glad there is a stupid question section in the forums, because I feel stupid asking this. Is it really true that I can buy a TC from another player with gold in the same trade screen even though I have a free account at the time of the transaction, or does the other player have to give me the TC, then I get paid account, then pay them? Frankly the second way would not be trusted by me or others. Not that I'm untrustworthy, but nobody here knows that.
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why dont u test it to find out O.o

But Yes its true.
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Thank you. I would test it, but I don't have enough yet. I still have 4 days left on standard account. I was hoping to get enough gold saved before my paid account expires, but that will not happen. So, that's why I needed to know.
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Also, it doesn't have to be just gold. If you had a couple of items as drops, you could put those in, along with gold, for the TC. Or resources, or leathers, or epics (if you have the virts). Epic TPs are also good, as they are worth 30k+ each and need no virts to trade, so they can reduce the gold required.

Basically, as long as the paid account puts the TC in first, you can put anything in return
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To put it simple, for free accounts (N's), there are only two rules for trade window actions:
1) Free account can't put any TC into its trade window.
2) The counterparty must put at least one TC into its trade window.

For AH trade, two more extra rule for free accounts:
1) free account can't buy anything from AH except for TCs.
2) free account can't list anything on AH.

For loot screen, one extra rule for free accounts:
a) No one can take anything from a free account on any loot screen.
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Thank you again. Actually, although I knew some of that, much I didn't know, so, your information has been very helpful.
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