Arena Evolution
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Default Arena Evolution

Arena was created as a way for players to get more hp on their characters and to see how they match up against other teams without having to be at war. Some players wish to keep Arena the way it is, some wish to change it. Those who wish to keep it the same are mostly players (Less than 10% of Nodiatis players) that have 'strong' teams (Perminent or Temporary). A 'strong' team meaning that players who have one or more of the following under their belt:

A) Actively played Nodiatis longer than most.
B) Have a higher experience total.
C) Have a higher skill total.
D) Teaming with players who have done the same.

Players who are in this 'strong' catagory have done their work and put in their time. They must be rewarded, but not at the 'expense' of players who are nowhere near their capabilities.

Those of us who can not defeat the 'strong' teams, know it (90%+ of players in Nodiatis). Why do we have to live through it season after season. As we all know, Nodiatis is constantly evolving; it is time for a change

I have read through many of the forums suggestions (but not all) regarding pros and cons of existing Arena system. I am listing suggestions that i think will improve the arena gaming experience for all. Sorry, if my suggestions have already been put out there, but i have not come across them yet.

I ] Under the existing system, encountering teams that have a rating much lower than yourself has been cut back significantly. These encounters do still happen. Especially as a 'strong' temporary team/perminent team rise up in the rankings later in the season. Divide arena into divisions based on experience or skill total for the team. Examples for experience based divisions:
Division A) 75 billion or more total experience for the team.
Division B) 50-74 billion total experience for the team.
Division C) 25-49 billion total experience for the team.
Division D) 24 billion or less total experience for the team (optional)
*** These numbers can be adjusted to what game programers think
is fair / reasonable.

Experience total is constantly changing. Therefore, this number would be established when the arena team is created. The team would automatically be put into the appropriate Division. If a member leaves team and the remaining players get a new team mate, the experience total for the 'new' team is reset (to the new exp. total). They are then placed into the appropriate division w/ a 33% rating loss. This would completely eliminate the possibility of teams that have worked hard to get their rating up have it lowered quickly by 'strong' temporary teams (with lower team rating) entering season later. Most importantly, under this setup, strong teams are competing against strong teams, and so on. (the way arena should be). Reward system will be Division appropriate. The higher the division the better the rewards.

II] Leave arena system as it is now, with the following changes:
At the beginning of every arena season, the first team you join is your 'Permenent' team. This must be done in the first 30 days of season. Any teams created after the first 30 days will automatically be a 'temporary' team. Any 'perminent' team that encounters a 'temporary' team and loses the battle will lose no more than one rating point. If the 'perminent' team wins against a 'temporary' team, they gain rating based on the 'temporary teams' rating. The 'temporary' team will gain rating the same as a 'perminent' team. And therfore, they will be able to temper accordingly. However, the 'temporary' team can not be ranked in the top 10, and recieve any top 10 rewards (and thus spoil all the hard work that a 'perminent' team has done).
Any 'perminent' team that remains inactive for more that 6 (???) days will instantly become a 'temporary' team, but not lose any rating.
and / or
Any 'perminent' team that does not fight XX (??) arena battles per week will instantly become a 'temporary' team.
Reward system remains the same

These suggestions may seem harsh on 'strong teams. However, if you create your team on time, remain active, you will reap the rewards.

I am sure the majority of players that will not agree with my suggestions will be 'strong' players. To verify this, look their name up on Top lists. find the "Experience Total" list and look for their name.

ty for your reading and consideration
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First off, glitchless has stated arena will not have brackets.
Also i personally think arena is fine as is... but thats just me... and im not "strong" as your would call it
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Originally Posted by Coccyx View Post
I really cant understand part II at all but it sound like a bad deal for perm teams.
It is a great "deal" for 'perminent ' teams. You start a team early, remain active, you have better chance of ranking high and thus awarded. If you are a 'temporary' team, you can temper your equip. and receive the normal mob trophy/resourcing bonus like a 'permenent' team can. You achieve a rating. However, you can not receive any other benefits from arena. You have no ranking at all as a temporary team in this described option.

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I think the arena 'setup' is fine as is b/c there are times when u just cannot arena for 6 days, and I would not want to be a 'temporary team' just b/c someone has a business trip or something IRL that interferes. But I do agree that 'strong' players USUALLY dominate the top #s, yet there are exceptions, i.e. my current team, one of our members had a ~1yr break from Nod to return about 1 week before this season started, yet at this time our team is in top 10.

A change i feel would be greatly appreciated by all members of all teams, and I believe would increase arena 'competition' for all teams....not just 1-30ish trying to make top 10 and 75-130ish trying to be top 100:

More every level.... do not tier teams into divisions, but make divisions for rewards... keep 1, 1-10, 11-100 awards... but also make rewards for 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100, 101-150, 151-250, etc etc..... the higher you are, either the MORE awards you get, OR the BETTER the award.....

Another thing which I feel would really encourage and keep players motivated throughout the months of arenas, is smaller awards throughout the season for the different tiers (remember, based on arena rating spot, NOT exp. total or player level). For instance, the avg, so far, arena season length is 116.3333 days [(based on seasons 1-3) 1:110, 2:108, 3:131], so every 40 days of arena, ish, lets give out smaller 'keep the motivation going' prizes.

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i hate both parts.

here is why:

part I)

experience is not an indication of anything to do with how strong they are. i rerolled, and was level 1, with 5.7bil experience, yet not 1 combat skill leveled. now why should i have to fight a lvl 85, with the same total exp, but no non-combat skills leveled, when im level 1 and have no combat skills leveled??

there is no fair way to do brackets, therefore they should not exist. simple. period. end of discussion, this has come up constantly, and is always a bad idea.


at start of the arena season, for close to the first month, my team was top 3 constantly. then temarichan went into hospo with health problems, and we didnt arena for 2 weeks+. according to your idea, we would be classed as a temp team, despite being perma, and therefore not able to finish in the top 10, despite being strong enough to get there.

the system as is, is fine. the only people that complain, are those that are either sore losers, or dont want to work for the recognition.

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
However you want to spin it, buddy. This patch was specifically designed to somehow screw you over.

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Tell that to the crybaby archers
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
We are well aware of the over-dramatic reactions to game changes in an effort to skew perception. It doesn't work, just makes them look like cry babies.
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Once again I have to step up and solve this. Geef my team #1 spot and start a new season!
I make my guardian angel work harder than yours
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It's not very likely that a bracket based system will ever be implamented into this game.. It would be cool if there was another "open" arena where you got different types of rewards but that is for level 80 ONLY..
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well...brackets don't work due too few players..perm to temp switch not due to irl stuff that can hold you off comp for 1week+, but the more smaller rewards thingy sounds nice..
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There is an easier solution with perm/temp teams I think. Every team become 'permanent' after couple of days, f.e. 3-6, and from then is getting full rating. Till then team could get only tokens, or halved/1.00 rating per won arena fight.
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