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Default Arena

I paid for arena and had my own team and played on other teams. Now i want to rejoin my team and it is asking me to pay again!!?!? Is this a bug? if not please explain.
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Hey Hall, if u were your team leader and abandon it to join a diffrerent team your team is inherited to one of the other members or dissapears if there is no one left. So u are now creating a new team. To avoid it you can stay on an arena group only u and an alt of u, then when u leave arena group u inherit to your alt and then u can do the process back to recover your group.
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Nice reply Peterhood.

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Here's a better answer - don't "team jump." Get on a team, and stay with it.

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Confirming TJ correct.
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Thank you to all of you....much appreciated Pedro
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