Rune Coalescence
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Default Rune Coalescence

We all get rune drops from mob fights. We all destroy our rune drops. We can't purchase runes from shops. We can't sell them to shops. We can't craft them. There is an overabundance of runes that do not get utilized by clans. Players can't use runes outside of clans and so we have no use for them taking up precious inventory and storage slots.

Here below is what I propose:



Destroy Stack


Are you sure you want to destroy your Spry Rune Rank 1++?

[left-click] YES

Item destroyed.

Item destroyed..

Item destroyed... The rune magics within the Spry Rune Rank 1++ coalesce about you and boost your Agi +15 until the end of your next fight. All other coalescences dissipate and abandon you.


The destruction of runes as described above would provide a market for runes as a "one-off" combat boost, akin to a limited second potion effect. This boost would be independent to actual equipped rune effects, potion effects, aura effects, pet effects, and gear effects that cannot be combined with another coalescence. So there's no going super saiyan for a single fight by eating all your junk runes in one sitting.

I see this as giving a slight nudge to players seeking to take down a high level boss.

Or an added edge to a mob fight that is going south.

Perhaps for new players it might even encourage them to get themselves into a clan and experience long-term effects and benefits of equipped runes.

Not all the runes have combat-related effects, but would still yield their coalescence until and through the next mob fight. A player going on vacation could use of a Wise coalescence.

The only problem I see would be the Invention Rune as that would unlock higher than +40 stones. But of course I wouldn't mind that.
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idk, *destroys r6 regen rune* would make things a bit too easy
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Support easy rune/silk filtering

No support for coalescence
Praise the hindu gods!
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Excellent idea but unlikely to happen .

My take on this :
Make it simple : base bonuses on ranks regardless of the type .

So any R1 rune would give +1 to luck or chance of double drop for set amount of time /number of fights .

Normal runes 5 min rare 10 epic 15 and so on.

In reality any use is better than no use .

Perhaps easiest fix would be to grant them store sell value at 2k per rank or so
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destroying rune boosts area bonus by whatever % for one hour... also boosts the neg.

I dunno.. or nothing

omg i wanna sammich nao
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