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suggestions for clean-up stuff
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Default suggestions for clean-up stuff

  • A way to remove dust collector (or set it down somewhere)
  • Ignore bow + arrow when Atlatl in inventory
  • no more dismantle on tools or master plans (since you can't)
  • no more multiples on stuff that doesn't stack (sell stack, select all, etc.) unless glitched stack (downtier fish/prey/rodent) so something dynamic
  • hotkeys for each resource type (uses epic tool if available)
  • hotkey to switch gear/runes/pouch for web (IE: ctrl+f for farming, ctrl+p for pvp, ctrl+l for looting, ctrl+r for resourcing)
  • /mobbait (or /mo) so every square is a fight regardless of upgrades/adventure skills/encumbrance
  • notifications every time we get a double because of arena, with stacking for double trophies (ex: arena double trophy stack x3)
  • Don't show resource tools in areas where they can't be used (after kill, only show tools for resources actually available there)
  • No notification/GCD for switching to the same suit/runeset/gem pouch
  • toggle to filter area bonus/penalty in grey areas
  • stackable junk stones (option to select as junk stones) for easier destroy while crafting for levels
  • winks on t30 should double the stack size or provide a t31 (or t32 for double winks) stack (generic pic same for all resources) to downtier for possibility of more t30 mats
  • if you already have a master, shouldn't get one from dismantling something - limit to potions, maybe? who needs more than 1 master of that?
  • Arena deaths (group-based arena): can we please continue stacking/sorting/organizing our inventory, posting new items for AH, and inspecting people while the match is going on?

Feel free to list any other "clean-up" type stuff that seems silly to have been missed thus far.
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