Arena Season
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Default Arena Season

Yoooo Glitch,

I know you normally don't do this but with the BM nerf, and this unprecedented stat fix I think you should let us know when arena season is going to end, or better yet end it now my team is a 3 BM team and we are pretty much dead in the water we were top 10 and there is now way we can stay there. I just want to reroll and make a good toon again but I don't want to screw my arena team either, if it is going to end soon let us know if it isnt for a few months let us know please.

I really don't think it is too much to ask with everything thats happened.
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Or possibly, allow us to reroll this season only without kicking from an arena team. A 3 beastmaster team is going to have a lot of trouble in arena until you give us new skills. I support letting us know when the arena season will end though.

Furthermore, You have never done a change of this magnitude during a season before. Why did you this time? Could you not have let arena season die before changing everything up? Respectfully, I request that it end very soon so that we can get out of this one, and on to fixing up what we need to.
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Yea I'd like to know when is arena ending too, it's going on for quite while, Rush Week should get at least announced soon
Originally Posted by Tale View Post
thats prolly cuz u a blind serbian moron
Originally Posted by Brick View Post
You'd be surprised how much Excellence helped me in arena, he carried me both seasons so I can't thank him enough for that
Originally Posted by King View Post
ill admit ex is a real toon though... >_> god i'll never hear the end of my saying that

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i made my >.>
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my team quit, support so I can spend my tokens at an elevated level again.... decay blows
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