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Nodiatis Flaws: resttime, non ATM player, an beginner
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Default Nodiatis Flaws: resttime, non ATM player, an beginner

*better implimentation of nonrestedtime, nonpaying members, and beginning play*

This game is awsome, but 6 coins per chest isn't going to cut it for the beginner. Killing rats at the dock to save up for 100 coins an get a fishing bow isn't cool. An most of us know this.

list of suggestions:

-increase chest pay to 100 coins an more for below suggestions
-more ways of income for beginner
-allow one trade per day from beginner an non ATM player after reaching certain lvl

not only is the pay ratio bad, but also the time gap in play. a player has only a few hours over a couple of weeks an months. this game isn't exacly.. this kind of restriction is just bs. especially on the beginning player. impossible in non atm.

list of suggestions:

-and 1/6 of exp an money in non rested time isn't a gap, its untrainable. 4/6 or 5/6 is a gap and its trainable
-alittle wider rested time so that a player may make improvements to lvl 35 within a month
-also let the player decide when restedtime is in affect. if im in castille, an i need to train for exp an money in fernsgrove an i only have an hour of battle time. wtf? its gonna take me my whole rested time just to go where its useful

An this is really important: What a non ATM player can get or do on nonrestedtime is important.

list of suggestions:

-ways of high income for non paid members and no rested time
-ways of high experience for non paid members and no rested time
-other ways for more income+exp in nonrested time/non paid
-change to 3-4 hrs rested time for non paid players, an full 24 hr for paid

having a paid accound is easier in some ways, but nonpaid is nearly impossible or ridiculously impractical in how fun it could be. a player should be able to play this game in a legitimate time frame an in a legitimate way without atm. it should be possible, an it should be fun. the ratios that are there are just stupid ridiculous. much more players would play, if there is a better implimentation of nonrestedtime, nonpaying members, and beginning play

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