+1 to min resources
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Default +1 to min resources

I was thinking other day about lvl 90's, what advantages over 85s( no need to list them we all know what they are) but what real incentive do we have to go to 90? you will either pilgrim or u wont, but what if glitch added a +1 to min resources for every pilgrim completed? with the influx of new 90's and a few more on the way this would be great for the uptiering of gear, range would still play a role with out flooding t30s this would help potion makers aswell since would be more mid tier resources. this was just a thought to make pilgrim more enticing to do
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ur insane

Broke 4k pet crit :O Buff BM nao!
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at the most id say +1 in total for finishing

omg i wanna sammich nao
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Originally Posted by Darklords View Post
ur insane
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Bad DL!


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I support every pull instantly becoming a t30
Praise the hindu gods!
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I could support +1 for finishing all 5, just like I supported an epic/lg skill for resources like BGT/MC.
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