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Enchanting table
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Default Enchanting table

Finally finished with the enchanting table!

heres all the materials that give 100% in a stat
This means that when you use one of theese materials in the left spot you get +in that stat and when you put it in the right spot you get - in that stat.

for example
dye in left spot and fish scales in right slot would be +str/-int
the better materials the higher + and -

for example 2 lvl 2 materials would give +2/-2.
2 lvl 4 materials would give +4/-4
1 lvl 2 material and 1 lvl 4 material would give +2/-2.

Bone 100% pst

skin 100% Mre

leather 100% dex

plank 100% dur

thread 100% cnt

cloth 100% cnc

ingot 100% pre

Geodes 100% mst

oil 100% reg

sinew 100% agi

dye 100% str

scales 100% int

here are the materials that have 33% or 50% in 2 or 3 stats.. im not totally sure every material have the all the possible stats and that it really is 50% or 33% might be less or more in some stats.. it might depend on what other materials ure using aswell..
My advise is keep to the 100% materials..

Carass 50% pst 50% cnt

sticks 50% str 50% int

silk 33% pst 33% int 33% mre

ore 33% str 33% agi 33% cnt

plants 33% mst 33% agi 33% cnt

fish 50% mst 50% dur

vegetable 33% Pre 33% reg 33% dur

rodent parts 50% dex 50% reg

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