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Boss Reset, More Prevent/Reflect Gem Changes
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Default Boss Reset, More Prevent/Reflect Gem Changes

We are lowering the strength of all prevents and reflect gems, not so much because we believe they are overpowered but more because they create an unrewarding game experience both playing with and against them. Their color is being changed to grey so they do not benefit from replay, their mana/nrg costs are going up, and their success rates are going down. Mirror gems are also having their mana/nrg costs go up.

The boss list has been reset to max everyone's highest boss kills at level 99.

Non-Epic Quest Bosses over level 99 have been changed in the following ways:

-They will now cast DDs regardless of their mana/nrg.
-They will draw gems and cast DDs much faster.
-They will do decreased damage with their default DD attack.
-They will attack much faster but for less damage.
-Incapacitate effects on them will be drastically reduced in duration.
-Prevents, reflects, and mirrors will be reduced in the likelihood to succeed against them.

The only boss change that will affect epic quest bosses is the ability for them to cast DDs regardless of mana/nrg.

Boss kill competition:

At the end of May, as a reward, whoever ends up being the first to have solo killed the highest boss on their server will get a new unseen LG item. Any who have tied that person will receive the master copy of that LG.

At the end of June, we will do the same for the highest group boss kill.

After that, we will set specific bounties for those somehow able to kill even greater heroic bosses.
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