few helpfull changes
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Default few helpfull changes

1. creating a class would be much better if the faces/bg were a click and scroll through rather than random. would speed up the process a ton rather than taking forever to find that one face you want especially for the inebriated.

2. the first few quest for new toons gives a good sense of the game and helps prepare them, but for rerolled toons having to complete the first 5 quest is a pain and with boon i out lvled the quest essentially locking a collection quest unless i de lvl a stat skill to complete it and it wont let me replace it untill that first quest is done. that imo should be removed for reroll toons on boon, the entire mandatory quest line made optional unless it proposes other issues.

3. lg beast, pretty much a thing of myth by now, should be every couple months. even if it drops a duplicate lg it still raises excitement and gives a chance for someone that may never have gotten a lg before to get one. even if its somebody like myself that gets the kill with multiple lg's it still raises spirits for the opportunity to kill it.

a few food for thought, thanks if read.

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this is a good ideas
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I want to find the ugliest faces as fast as possible when I reroll, finding the correct one sometimes takes ages. When I reroll I do quests if possible so the 2nd thing doesn't bother me personally but I can see it beign frustrating to some people. Lg beast should really show up more often, it's always exciting.
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There are some good ideas here.

Especially the simplification of the customization of toons process, and I have to admit the legendary beast and it's epic mate was always an event that got the nod community abuzz.

Thanks for the post Nem.

p.s. Pony asks me to remind you to buff (melee) piercers p10x Jeff.
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Iirc last LG beast was October 16th ish so really support him returning. Quest one doesn't bother me much. Huge support for the faces/big thing tho :{
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