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Growl Removed, Three New BM Skills, Month Bonus
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Default Growl Removed, Three New BM Skills, Month Bonus

Beast Mastery Skills
The Growl skill has been removed. This was a skill that seemed to be hated by all, Beastmasters included ever since it was modified to give a bonus to non-whip users as well. The main reason for removing this skill, however, is to head away from the direction of RNG based prevent effects. These effects, in general, slow the pace of combat and give participants a feeling of injustice when they always appear to happen more frequently in favor of their foe. Growl was perhaps the worst offender of all these types of effects since it was also not dependent on stats. However, whereas things like missing and resisting are an integral part of any combat system, Growl was something that could be replaced with more interesting skills, as we have done.

The following new Beast Mastery skills have been added:

BESTIAL SACRIFICE - This skill allows your pets to share the burden of tanking damage. Your health is increased by up to 10% per pet/whip combo or 5% per pet if no whip accompanies the pet. The downside of training this skill is that when your health is below 50% your pets will be maimed, at which point they will have trouble dealing full damage.
(This is multiplicative, so the max health bonus is actually 1.10 * 1.10 = 21%)

BEAR HIDE (takes the place of the Growl slot, your progress is preserved) - This skill reduces the potency of all DoT gems and all energy and mana drain effects used against you by up to 5%. That value is doubled for each whip you have equipped, resulting in a maximum of 20%

BLOOD FOR BLOOD - For each whip you have equipped, this skill grants up to 5% life stealing to all your melee and ranged attacks, for a maximum of 10%. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses.

Item Changes
-Ironclad Rune AC buffed. Note, this is still a specialty rune, not necessarily to be beloved by max level tanks.

Minor Changes/Fixes
-Players you share a clan with will no longer flash yellow.
-An arena queue issue when queueing prior to having left the arena square and then immediately being kicked out of queue is hopefully resolved.
-An issue with toggling storage while trading has been fixed.
-The interaction during hotbar "swap item" assignment has been improved, allowing for the clicking of empty slots for assignment.
-Skills cannot be untrained during combat. This is to prevent abuse of the new skills.

August Bonus
-For the rest of August there will be a small chance to have your gold rushes count double.
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