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PKs get a 3x boost in experience (all exp cept trophs) and trophy drops

range is calculated by how you choose to kill if you kill in a +/-5 or +/-10 range your range is +/-5 or +/-10 if you kill outside a +/-10 range you are fair game

a PK cannot force combat while grouped without going to a free for all range 1-80 and a PKK cannot force on a PK while they are grouped with someone outside the range of the PK
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
There are modifiers that alter drop chance when you go AFK based on what you do when gone. We will list them here:
  • Fix and eat a sandwich +15%
  • Watch TV -5%
  • Urinate +20%
  • Finish your homework +10%
  • Stand on your head for 5+ minutes +33%

We believe these are working as intended.
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