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Rerolling Guide - Restarting an Existing Character
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Default Rerolling Guide - Restarting an Existing Character

Players have the ability to reroll their character - that is start over again, selecting a new face and class while keeping real money purchases and a few other things. Here's what you keep when you reroll:

-You keep your e-mail record so you can't re-register your e-mail for extra RT
-You keep all your noncombat skills: Learning, Crafting, Artistry, Resourcefulness, Adventuring, and Social
-You keep all your Legendry Skills
-You keep all your gold (NOT your items unless PAID reroll, see below)
-You keep all your traveling gear
-You keep rune set and gem pouch set unlocks
-You keep beast kills
-You keep epic quest progress
-You keep any completed pilgrimages (current pilgrimage is reset)
-You keep all your real money purchases: Standard/Premium Time, Accel, Grinder, Virtues, all TCs, etc
-You keep all the extra slots gained from having used inventory or storage expanders
-You keep all companions, slot unlocks, and their progress
-If you have rerolled in the past 7 days you will not receive the initial few hours rested time that most accounts start with.
-Quests will only reset upon your first two rerolls or once annually to prevent reroll quest farming. Use the /rerollinfo command to get details
-Boss progress will not reset to prevent repeated boss farming
-You do get to keep your existing Rested Time.
-Rerolling will cause you to leave your clan(s) and arena team
-Players who reroll or suffer a perm death now receive Reroller's Boon which gives triple experience until you reach your highest ever experience total! For more info see this thread:

To reroll click the chat bubble at the bottom left that opens the options menu and click Account Options. A free and paid method are available.

NEW OPTION: Paid Reroll

A Paid Reroll costs 5 TCs and allows you to keep all the items in your inventory and storage. You will need to completely empty your equipment and pouches before you do this, however. The main reason to do a paid reroll is if you have many expensive items that are soulbound and you want to keep them without having to transfer them temporarily to a different character.
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