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Originally Posted by Darcelle View Post
Yeah, I am playing online games for about 7 years. I was and am a manager in some, so yes, I do know a few things about people's behavior online. So, based on this experience, and by comparison, I still say that it is the first game where I have seen non-paying players treated like in here.

As for the discriminatory part and your reference to the tree guy in Congo, I find it completely rude.

As for the $ sign, if you call that visible, then I am blind, and I DO apologize for that.
1. Maybe it's the nature of nodiatis (the way to register, the chat, the game, w/e) that a bunch of new players just like to spam retarded crap, just for the fun to spam. And they have usually not played the game at all, so they are displayed as an N in the chat. But the whole idea to make a distinction between N's and 'face's' is pretty dumb anyway. Judge the player, not his paid/non paid status. It's a coincidence, but I do play rpg's as well, and Nodiatis has one of the most newbie friendly communities around. There is really great help on the forum, many players who take the time to help out newbies, etc ... hell there is even an initiative from the players to turn N's into paid players, at no cost (do a search for N adoption). So i totally disagree with that.

2. I happen to have a few guys in a tree in my family. And it's nothing but the truth. If the 'middle' category feels discrimination towards the 'rich' countries, then that works as well for most african countriestowards the 'middle rich' ones. Bottomline is, 90% of the world population will feel discriminated according to that logic.

3. I find that pretty visible, and above all neutral and not disturbing. I prefer this approach over a red flashing dollar sign
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