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i think limited trading should be allowed from free accounts like selling on auction and trading it should should be very limited to free accounts to like 1-5 times at most per day so they actually can trade with more then just shops
This would be easily enough abused by boss farmers, I'd think.... BUT.

If you restrict the materials that are tradable, so that all tradeskill items, for example, have a 5 stacks a day limitation on them, while all other items are a once-per-day thing, wouldn't that be an efficient solution to the problem of people mass alt-farming, while allowing the free players (I fit into that catagory for lack of funds, not for lack of will to donate. >.o) the ability to trade, thus actually having a use for the social skill portion of their skill sheet? As it is now, if you're a free player, you basically have to put it on passive (Can you? I never bothered once I looked and saw I had to trade with people... I had already found that I couldn't due to being a free player) to train it, otherwise it's untrainable.
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