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I agree with Frenchula. Nod is the kind of game I might let my teen play, but I hesitate because while I might tell her to keep Civil turned off, I doubt she would. Curiousity and all that. But when people seem to think they can say anything in Civil, and then do so with impunity, well, there goes one less player. I also agree with ThatPerson. You can't punish someone for a rule that isn't published. So change the rules first if you want to punish someone for an infraction. I think the real cause here though isn't necessarily the rules themselves, but someone who abuses the authority they've been given. I don't want to be a moderator on the forum, too much time. But I'd offer to be a mod on Civil. I don't play favorites. I'd equally squelch everyone Seriously though, we need -good- Mods on Civil. I turn Civil off most of the time because it's not any different than Uncivil.
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