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I imagine the answer to that will be no to go along with not selling anything from Nodiatis for real money. More than likely, for the same stated reasons against character sharing on Rwk.

From the RWK Announcements page
We will not be actively seeking out and punishing those who break this rule, but if you auction that you are selling a character, or e-mail us complaining that your clicker stole your character or that you were scammed in a character transaction you will be banned for failing to follow the rules. These rules are for your protection.
I imagine it'll be something along those lines. People may not be actively sought after for it, but there won't be any sympathy if you openly break the rules or complain if you get scammed on the Nodiatis end... though Rwk has never had rules against it for other games where it's not supposed to be allowed, so it's beyond me who may or may not get banned there.

Some clarification on this from Jeff would be nice, though.
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