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Testudo, Equipment Stun Changes
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Default Testudo, Equipment Stun Changes

The stuns from equipping a staff or shield can no longer be prevented with the use of stun immunity. The stun from removing a shield in combat has been reduced to 3 seconds and the stun from removing a staff in combat has been reduced to 20 seconds.

There are no longer any caps on damage absorption or fading damage absorption shield effects. Previously there was a cap based on twice your max hitpoints.

The Testudo skill has been simplified to provide up to 100x your shield level as a fading damage absorption shield. This gives it the potential to reach higher numbers than before since it is no longer capped at 10,000. Also note because of the above change that Testudo will no longer be capped by your maximum hitpoints. The scaling of this skill will be logarithmic instead of linear so the skill remain useful at lower levels as well as high.

These combined changes should make using a shield in your opening equipment set a viable tactic for more builds allowing more creativity and hybridization.
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