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Originally Posted by flipynifty View Post
certain nod players make a lot of gold sitting toons, that's their benefit, they should not benefit in any other way or be given a way out.
If they are forced to buy 5 TCs each time, there goes the profit. So the only people who make use of this change are people who actually need to use a purchase to clear their IP history once in a blue moon. It's simply not feasible to truly continually share chars and constantly reset your IP history via TC purchases. In order to make any use of back and forth trading for arena farming, you'd need to do it daily.

This reminds one of a time when so many were convinced that character sharing was some rampant disease causing everyone else to be more powerful than they were due to chars being farmed "24/7". Then an 84 hour/week activity limit was put in place which revealed: hardly any characters in the entire game average more than 70 hours/week, ie 10 hours a day.
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