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Originally Posted by Enduir View Post
Palehorserider was bant for townwalking bot, which while it is still cheating isn't as bad as farming/arena botting. Before you argue that 'botting is botting', lemme suggest that 'stealing is stealing' but stealing a Mars bar isn't the same as stealing a car.
well didnt want to bring this up
but if we are talking about level of cheating and level of punishments

what u say about this

after sentz got bant i loged into s2 talked to them in clan told them its np u guys can get stuff back blah blah they said they need more active cap peoples to stay around make rp/ and resouces to keep the s2 active and on track i said i cant do it i have rl issues and lil time i get is for s1 but i can give u my toon to sit and get back on track u guys can take all resouces and my toons can make lil bit of rp for the clan so u can keep the runes active

i didnt knew anybody much on s2 other than sadoul/ghaloen we were talking in pms he said he can sit and do things and stuff i said ok kool just dont " **** me up " he said lol i wont.... altho he asked me he can give toon to some other guy to sit i said ok i dont know anybody if u trust him do it whatver help u guys get back on track

and i didnt loged back into s2 after that like 1 week later i heard my main toon trojann got banned on s2 coz of a douchebag was botting and we shared ip
like in 1week my total exp on trojann was 9b and it didnt increase a bit i was not botting i didnt got any benefits from botting my main toon fully upgraded and capped that i worked hard and burned soo many tcs on got banned with 51+ tcs in inventory and alot other stuff

what u think shud be my punishment i didnt even do anything other than trusting somebody but i know it was my fault that i trusted and i shud suckit up and say my goodbye to s2

on the other hand this guy willingly botted on s1 and than botted on s2
and these bunch of losers duno got too many peoples banned on s2 good peoples who trusted them

they didnt deserved that
i know kaineth that guy can never bot he trusted them and left his toon to them and these guys botted from his toon too and got him bant

if all of us who got banned jsut coz of shared ip or that we trusted them
we peoples got the major punishments here who didnt knew what was going on
than why leave these lil douchebags who willingly botted and cheated and specially why pale he already been banned on s1 for botting he shudnt even be given warning

again i lost capped upgraded toons + 51tc which were in my inventory but this is not about that i trusted wrong guys and i shud be punished for that i am not pleading for my forgiveness or the few dozen people that also got bant for the action of 3 douchebags but i want these 3 douchebags to be punished tyvm <3
good or bad whatever i am i am .....not going to change and not going to pretend <3 and i will never be intimidated by anyone ever !!!

be careful of those alpha nerds !!!

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