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due to all the new skills now available to spell casters its much easier to become a powerfull healer or damage dealer with gems or perhaps a combination of both which should be favorable later on as pouch size increases so you always can either heal or deal damage

if your a spell caster you have to have a staff equipped as it gives massive bonuses to magical ablities you get all these bonuses just by equipping a staff 10% magic crit 35% mana cost reduction 25% energy cost reduction first gem in pouch in play from start and 10% to regeneration rate of mana and energy in combat

also now its become a lot easier to get second gem pouch at lvl 10 wizardry second gem pouch is available which means you can fill up the first gem pouch with gems you use in combat and just switch to 2nd pouch if you need escape gems

also note that all staff are 2handed as far as i know so if your a spellcaster then blocking is a waste to lvl as you wont be using shield also note that if you plan on using a spell caster to hunt only equip archery set while hunting as delay is increased when bow and staff are both equipped other then that i dont think i need to add more now

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