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Need help with "lazy server"
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Default Need help with "lazy server"

Hello everyone !

I want to ask you guys for help regarding my issue because I'm running out of ideas.

Problem: all actions in game are randomly delayed 1-2 sec for example when I move stack it appears in 1-2 sec delay- same goes for minigames etc.

I tried so far:

Used 3 different computers so it's not browser issue.
Run ping /tracert to server and they all appear normal (all below 30 ms) jitter 2ms

Bypassed router and hook it straight to modem -same thing

It started like 3 days ago

Game is barely playable and it's frustrating. Also says frequently "cannot send command....."

It used to work flawless before that.
I'm using Google Chrome on computers running win 8 win 8.1 and win 10. Same thing everywhere.

Any experienced player with reasonable suggestion ?

Thank you in advance .
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