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Melee Enhancing Gems
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Default Melee Enhancing Gems

Gems that help melee users are few and far between, other than the handful of cookie cutter melee auras, there are really no options for gems that help melee damage. As it stands now, dual wielding at cap is almost irrelevant, as just a small handful of toons use it, This idea is for gems that proc extra attacks, double attacks, stuns, bleeds haste, etc


gem costs 33% mana and energy and instantly makes you attack

Gem costs 75% mana/energy and instantly makes you double attack

Gem costs 50% mana and energy and instantly makes you attack for 75% damage and stun your enemy for 2 seconds

Gem costs 50% mana/energy and instantly attacks for 50% damage and causes
2x of the damage caused over a 10 second bleed

Gem costs 40% mana/energy and instantly deals an attack that causes double bloodlet damage

There are so many more ways to add to this idea... I feel that percentages could be more benefiecial so that all levels of melee users would be able to utilize these gems, and there should only be a limited amount of them because its pretty obvious how this could be overpowered. maybe a limit of just 1 or 2 of each gem per pouch?

This could make MRE and PRE relevant for melee users and possibly reduce the amount of regeners by cutting the usage of endless upkeep regen gems, and replacing them with melee gems like these

I feel like melee users getting to use more gems would be beneficial to the game by creating a more immerse dynamic than just a simple auto attack and class ability cooldown

This is Just an idea I had and id love to hear some feedback about it, its definitely clear to me how this could throw off the balance of nod right now, but I still think its a cool idea and felt like posting,

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