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Specious description of improved cuddlebug proc
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Default Specious description of improved cuddlebug proc

Glitch. I think the proc description/wording on the improved Cuddlebug is misleading. "This pet has a 10% chance of preventing any detrimental gem used on you. Also reduces shatter cool down by 50% (doesn't increase with tier) each." As I read the description, it seems to indicated that the cool down period is reduced further by having two cuddlebugs equipped. I have tested this. With maxed Gem Shatter skill the cool down period (pve) is 30 seconds with one pet equipped. There is no additional decrease with two pets equipped. It is still 30 seconds. Am I just reading the skill wrongly or is it not working correctly? And if there is no increase in cool down period with two pets, is there an increase in detrimental gem prevention? I don't know how to test this. Please elevate my concerns. Thanks in advance.
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