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I advise bringing up all magic stats. You have energy and mana for a reason, why not use it? I'm an Archer and I use a ton of gems. I love green magic and White magic for the healing. Gaia's Blessing really helps out healing every 9 seconds for free. Depending on the rank depends on what it heals for but it is worth it. I also use Forsaken still. That goes with white magic. Just make sure you have gems to help your mana and energy recover as well. I use the Wisp Lift for energy and the Transcendence for mana, those don't switch off energy and mana, they give you free energy or free mana. Very much worth it when you are fighting strong beasts. I use grey magic to defend against daze. It adds more resistance with the right gems. Blue magic helps regenerate mana. green for energy, I use red for Ignition. The only magic I haven't used yet is black
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