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CNC vs Resistance
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Default CNC vs Resistance

There are resistance auras that are based upon CNT and %s... however CNC itself isnt really affected by skills, tunnel vision adds to it, however theres really no set %s or calculations of how effective it is.

When battling someone with, lets say, 700 cnc and you have 400cnt, r5 resist auras and shared bliss/repel levelled to 90 or so... the likely hood of actually getting nailed is still very high and i see little to no resists.

I realize that glitch wont give game calculations, but perhaps an explanation of how CNC works for casters (dot/dd) would be good.

Basically if resistance to magic is all skill based, and casting and connecting is CNC based (without any skills) how should one look at trying to defend against someone with a huge amount of CNC aside from levelling CNT to crazy proportions?

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