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Originally Posted by Aesonicus View Post
Exactly. I never said prowler was bad, just that it doesn't fit most BMs current playstyle. This post was just to get my thoughts on it out there, and have others chime in on it for their ideas too.
I'm not Pale asking for pure buff to the class for no reason other than being bad at nod, Im asking to have the class changed to fit most BMs current playstyle. I agree it gives BMs more options the way it is, which is why in my original post i said its a balanced class, and is fine the way it is. Im just suggesting to change it to make it more appealing to current BMs out there. Just like you said as it stands For me and most other BMs there still isn't a BM LG class that is a better version of current BMs.

New Idea, for a new LG class that resolves this, and leave prowler as is.

Hog Rider (name it whatever you want)

4-12% increased Dmg with all pets attacks and heals
4-12% increased healing from all pet attacks

CA Grants 20% haste to all pets attacks for 10 seconds.

Boom easy LG class that every BM would be happy with.
nvm my lg suggestion, jester prolly better class than it.
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