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Potential prowler changes?
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Default Potential prowler changes?

I understand overall prowler seems balanced, and is a decent class as is, but still not as enticing to BMs as being BM/Vamp for survivability, or BM/DK for dps especially considering most BMs are KoK users. Even as a LoD BM i doubt im going to pilg 5 times for it since i already get plenty of hit % from LoDs. Also the majority of BMs are running Rabids so healing% doesn't do much for them.

Suggested change would be to lower hit chance and add dmg, and/or replace healing bonus with vamp.

Suggesstion would be something like

4% to 12% all pet dmg. (or 5-15 max pet)

4% to 12% hit chance

6% to 18% bonus dmg whips max dmg

3% to 9% HP vampirism with whip/ranged/pet attacks
and 25-75% plague shock dmg

Just food for thought, since Most BMs i know aren't thinking of rolling a prowler including myself due to the class not fitting the current playstyle of BMs.
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