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1. Cap players are giving you fantastic advice for the future of your toon but since very little that happens at lvl 1-20 has any bearing at all on your toon it may all seem a little irrelevant at the moment. Collection quests are actually far far easier to complete than kill quests beyond low lvls and the difference becomes more and more apparent as you kill higher lvl mobs.
2. This game does not like letting you know likes to give you the opportunity to discover things or be social and interact with other players to share experiences. Even cap players are constantly discovering new things that may have been obvious to others for over 3 years. There is no spoon feeding from the game makers...its just not that kind of game.
3. We have all made what seemed catastrophic mistakes while building our how we learned, just be gald this is in the days of boon and when there are so many toons that really know what they are talking about to give you advice at all. When I started I was told by many many top players at the time to put all defence points into that advice would be scorned now.
4. See point 3.

I appreciate that its tough at the start with such a complex game...but the beauty is in the complexity and you will appreciate that all in time if you are patient.

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