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I already said that at one point I quit doing the quests and it was strongly suggested I reconsider, so besides passive training and the seer quests, how else can you level your learning skills? I have been told that the passive training will only be effective up to a point before my learning skills begin to lag far behind without the additional xp from the seer quests. is this correct or not?


while we're at it, care to point out the "good advice" I received that specifically addresses the points I made that I obviously missed b/c you said so?

1. unlike the killing and boss quests, which actually become easier to complete as you level, the collection quests become increasingly harder to complete until becoming practically impossible if they become gray mobs.
2. there is nothing anywhere letting newbs know any of the tricks to circumvent or prevent this from happening.
3. by the time us newbs figure out there's a problem it's already too late.
4. you can only delevel so much and it's not an ideal position or situation to find yourself being forced into to begin with.

can you all please stop tap dancing around the points I outlined to snipe and take potshots, form a consensus, and quit changing your "advice" every other bloody post?


(was that clear and concise enough for you, your majesty?)
really? seriously?

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